The Battle of Broad features  courses that will challenge competitor’s technical, river, and athletic skills.

Open & Distance Races:USCG approved personal flotation device(PFD) must be worn at all time. Shoes are required-no flip flops. Close-toed preferred.  Helmets are recommended but not required.
Section 9: USCG approved personal flotation device(PFD) must be worn at all time. Helmets, throw ropes, & close-toed shoes required.
At no time during a race may a competitor impede another competitor. Unsportsmanlike conduct/actions will result in disqualification. Any competitor failing to round all buoys will be disqualified from the race.

Board Certification
All boards will be measured during check in. All boards must have stock, fixed rudders and mono-hulled(except for UNLIMITED class).  Rudder(s) and foil(s) are not allowed(except for UNLIMITED class). Board classes are:

There must be at least 3 participants registered in a class to make it a class. If there are less than 3 participants, those participants will be moved to the class above. These participants are still able to race.

Length approved decals must be displayed on all race boards. Please place decal on the upper top deck section of your board. Failure to have the decal will result in disqualification. Decals will be given during check in.

All competitors must wear their race bib securely on their torso at the start, during and finish of the race. Failure to so at any point will result in disqualification.  Bib must be visible at all times during the race.

Battle of the Broad will have an ON WATER start for all races. Paddlers will be lined up in the water in designated positions. The starting line will be designated by the Beachmaster and posted at the event site.

Paddlers will cross an on water finish line.  You must cross the finish line area to receive a finish time and placing. Any hassling for position  will result in disqualification. r.

SUP – You Must Be Standing – 5 Five Stroke Rule
If you fall you will have 5 strokes to get back on your feet and stand up. This rule is in effect so a paddler does not achieve an advantage by not standing up. You must complete the course standing upon your board.

The stand up rule is not in effect in the area from shore to the first turning buoys from the startline during the Open Race. Racers have 20 strokes to stand up after the start of the distance race.

Shall be responsible for officiating event start and finish. Beachmaster is the head official and has the final say in disqualification rulings, finishes and race protest filings.

Course Marshall
Shall be responsible officiating the race from the water.

Must be filed within 15 minutes of the last competitor finishing the event. Protests must be filed with either the Beachmaster or Course Marshall. The Beachmaster, Course Marshall and associated event officials shall determine the outcome of any protest filed.

SUP Board Sizes Definition/Rules
SUP UNLIMITED CLASS:No Restrictions except that the craft must be powered by a stand up paddler with a single blade paddle.
Section 9 race is a 12’6” ft maximum
SUP 12’6” CLASS:Length – 12’6” ft maximum
Multi Hull SUP’s are NOT allowed except in the SUP Unlimited class.
Center Fin(s) must have only have two surfaces that are symmetrical and may NOT have one or
multiple points protruding from any of the surfaces. Side fins may have two different shape
Rudder(s) are only allowed when specified in selected races.
Foil(s) are only allowed in the SUP Unlimited class.
Paddle- A paddle shall be a single blade design, with one blade on one end and a handle on the other end.